Baga Sarahan tour

There are few gems which stay hidden in the abundance of pearls Baga Sarahan is one of those gems. Yet to be discovered by many nature loving trawlers Baga Sarahan is located in Kullu district of Himachal. It is hard to believe that Baga Sarahan is not as famous as its other counterparts like Khajjiar and Naldhara even though it posses such beauty and nature enriched scenery. Covered with the lavished waves of mountain ranges from all sides Baga Sarahan is the plain grass land spreading up to miles of landscape. The portrait is completed with an ancient temple located in the centre of this huge grass land. The temple is dedicated to the ancient sage Sahana Rishi. Temple is beautifully crafted in wooden style architecture.

You will find the grass land filled with heard of many herbivorous animals. Scent of the cultural and traditional trend can be seen in and around the grass land. The localities with traditional outfits can be seen with their livestock grazing in the field. A beautiful stream is just 800 meters far from the main grassland area local in the ascensive hill the stream slashes through the rocks making its way downward to the grass land giving this whole scenario a perfect ten on ten. The surrounding mountain are shrouded with catalogue of different species of vegetation and trees mainly Devdar people are also accustomed to grow apple orchards around the place. There is also prone to heavy snow fall during winter session so what else you can ask for. There is the complete package of adventure, fun and enjoyment as a wholesome product.

Shimla to Baga Sarahan

Shimla to Baga Sarahan is around 160 km over NH 5. The road slithers to Kufri, Faghu, Theog, Narkanda, Rampur and Nirmand and finally reaching to Baga Sarahan. Baga sarahan is not well connected to the main lines of roadways the thin roadway connects Baga Sarahan to Bagipull ten kilometre far from Baga Sarahan is the muddy remote road.

Transportation and hotel facilities in Baga Saharan

Due to its remote location and not a high number of populated villages the buses assigned to the area are few and timed scarcely in a day. It’s better to hire a cab or taxi to save time and mantel frustration. Home stay typed hotels are available in the area causing you the expenditure of about two thousand per night including meals. These small commercial residents can be booked prior to the trip or else on reaching.