Best Shimla Manali tour for Couple

Shimla Manali tour

Shimla and Manali tour details

Best Shimla manali tour depends on many factors. Here we will discuss all major points to how to make the best holiday tour plan. Normally for shimla Manali tours there are too many plans so what will be perfect for you depends on your tour planning. Below first we will share your geographical idea of both shimla and Manali.

Shimla overview

Shimla is one of the coldest hill stations in North India so when you plan a trip for shimla you have to know all weather conditions are suitable for you or not. Shimla is situated at the elevation of 2,276 meters on the top of hill.

Normally weather continually changes here you newer judge the weather well it will be rain or sunshine after every 2 or 3 hours. Shimla is a hill station so at some point of journey you have to cover some places by walking. The people who have vomiting problems will suffer more in hill areas so prepare yourself first before going to any hill areas.

Manali overview

Manali is situated at the bank of river Beas and famous for many sports activities. In Manali conditions are same as Shimla only the difference is the main. Sightseeing spot Rohtang pass is the highest pass in manali at the height of 3,978 metres.

Many people suffer high altitude problems here and the people who are suffering with any lung disease this is not a good place for them. Manali is only for nature lovers and for adventure people so keep in mind there is no artificial beauty like garden, park etc.

How to plan Shimla Manali tour some important steps given below

Local guideline

The main important thing before planning is to discuss with your local travel agent of that area. He will share you all the basic information regarding that area. He can help you in many ways like best time to come, best hotels, prepare your tour schedule and many more.

Select the visiting places

Search on Google which are the best visiting places in Shimla and Manali. There is lot of places so you have to select from them. Your place selection depends on how much time you have. To cover shimla and Manali you need 12 days maximum and 5 days minimum.

Best time to visit

What will be the best time to come to Shimla manali tour? That’s the main question that comes from every visitor. Mostly asked for snow but snow only can be seen in winter time. For pleasant weather you can plan any time.

Hotel and cab booking

Most visitors think if they book a 4 star hotel their tour will be good. Your tour not depends only on the hotel here the driver is the main key who remains with you for next one week. So keep in mind a 2 star 3 star hotel doesn’t make a big difference but a bad cab driver spoils your whole tour if he is not corporate.

Your timing and schedule

Your arrival or departure timing from nearby Airport or Railway station makes a lot of difference. From Manali to Kalka which is the nearest Railway station will take 8 hours to reach. So book the tickets before the local guideline.

Winters Time

In winter there is a need for good woollen clothes. Never think we will purchase it from Shimla or Manali local market. Second, your hotel should be near the main market area due to heavy snowfall. There are chances of road block.

Your budget

To cover Shimla Manali within six days your budget should be near to 25k for couples. In this budget you will find a hotel and good service.

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