Famous places in Kinnaur for travelling

Famous places in Kinnaur for travelling

In recent times Kinnaur is becoming more and more famous among the other famous and well known places in Himachal. We won’t waste much of your time in trying to give a long prologue, so here are the top famous places in Kinnaur region. 

Rekong Peo

First in the list of famous places in Kinnaur comes Rekong Peo. Rekong Peo is the administrative headquarter of Kinnaur. The place is around 260 kms from Shimla. The town is situated at the heights of 2,300 meters, this provides magnificent beauty and serene landscape. The place has many attractions embeded in it including, deodar forests and apple orchards belonging to the local people. One of the highest mountain kailash is directly visible from Recong peo. As the place attracts many tourists there are many small town hotels available in the town, also there are number of resorts in the town although with slightly high rates.


Sarahan is known as the “Gateway to Kinnaur” and famous for its beautiful placement in the region. At the altitude of 2165m the hamlet resides near satluj river valley. The area has many streams and amall beautiful ponds with thick forestd and woods. Moreover, the village present the cultural establishment and residents. At the center their is a two-towered temple which is one of the uniquely created stucture in Himachal.


 Nako is one of the heighest existing villages in India, situated at the height of 3,600 meters above sea level. If you are adventure or trekking lover the place will be your dream destination. Due to its incredible and rejuvenating beauty the place is also known as “land of farries”. The sorrounding forest is the home to many rare spicies of flora and fauna. All these features make Nako a well known and famous tourist destination. Some of the eye catching attractions in the place are Buddhi temples, Rokham and Nako lake


Kalpa is arguably most famous village in Kinnaur. Kalpa is home to many ancient temples and monastries, other than that the village is blessed with magnatic naturel charm plus luring landscape views. Also the Kinnaur – Kailash range can be seen from the area which adds to the enticing aura of the village. The village  does not posses many daily need shops or food establishments, so try to stay prepared beforehand for that before venturing into the offbeat corners of the place.