Fruits in Himachal to buy


Whenever you talk about Himachal apple is the first thing come into your mind, Himachal is the only state in India that produce large Quantity of Himachal every year. Himachal apple trade is worldwide phenomenon. Apple trees are deciduous trees hence require low temperature and high altitude. Shimla is the trade centre for apple distribution in Himachal


Another largely produced fruit in Himachal. Ripping period for apricot May to August. It has many sub- species but wide size apricot are the most famous . It has a small tree with small broad leaves. It’s consisting seeds you to make bio oil. Mainly mid regions have the perfect climatic condition for growth of apricot


This fruit require mildly temperate regions. Although pear farming is practice all over India but Himachal is the top ranked pear generate. It has a thin pome green covering over the white rich in fibre and sweet in taste inside cellular flesh.


Himachal is on top in cherry distribution in all over India. Basically it has sweet and little sour taste with juice insides. It is cultivated in mid ranges but can be grown all over Himachal except higher mountains ranges.


Small near ground plants consisting maximum three to four berry it’s require oil having a notable quantity of moisture. It’s a worldwide famous berry as a flavouring agent. A fully ripped strawberry is sweet with little sour texture.