Haunted places in Shimla

Shimla was one of the most haunted towns in Himachal during and mostly after British era ended. In
the modern days one can argue that paranormal activities has died down but under the busy and
populated fast life you may find paranormal happenings and encounters are still taking place from
time to time in the town and nearby places. There have been books and small documentaries
written on the topic like the famous one “Ghost stories of Shimla”. Even today when the day dies
and darkness envelopes the town many areas are avoided by the general population as they are still
considered haunted. Some of these areas are said to host more paranormal activities than others.
We have listed some of these areas here so you can visit and feel the chill for yourself if you want to.

1) Chudail Bauri (Baluganj): The chudail bauri in Baluganj is considered one of the most haunted
places in Shimla from decades. Baluganj is 4 kms from Shimla town. The urban legend of a chudail
haunting an old bauri and surrounding area is famous all over in Shimla. Many encounters with a
chudail with backwards feet have been recorded and documented in the past. It is said that ghosts
and demons sometimes inhabit places which have water bodies in the vicinity. Even it being an old
legend people still avoids the bauri during night time to this day.

2) Charleville Mansion: The mansion is an old structure of British era. The mansion is famous for its
disturbing paranormal activities. All the residents in the past have reported ghost sightings of British
people and violent incidents with respect to paranormal stuff. The mansion has a haunted aura to it
and whole structure oozes out a chilling dread. At present it is owned by an Indian family.

3) Jesus and Mary School: The school and its surrounding area have witnessed many tragedies in the
past. Some tragedies are even recent. From headless horseman to hollow apparitions of ghost girls
there are many haunted stories related to the school. The school and surrounding area have
originated many urban legends. Also the forest surrounding the area is said to be a haunted suicide
place with many suicides in the past.

4) Kingal Road: There are many haunted roads in shimla, however, Kingal road is a peculiar one even
among them. The road passes through the Kingal village, which is 88 kms from main town Shimla.
The villagers believe that the road is cursed by supernatural entities. These entities manifest in the
form of balls of lights over the road. These lights appear and disappear quickly and many drivers
have witnessed them. Even today many drivers and local people avoid this road during night time.

5) IGMC Hospital Shimla: The IGMC hospital Shimla has seen many deaths in its run since its
construction. There are countless stories of patients, hospital staff and doctors regarding their
encounter with the ghosts and supernatural entities, some being far more horrifying than others.
Some corridors and passages are especially considered haunted in the hospital, mainly corridors
close to the dead house and morgue. One tale entails story of a staff nurse and how she lost
consciousness after seeing corpses out of stretchers walking in the morgue. An eerie dread looms
over the hospital premises.

6) Tunnel no.33: Tunnel 33 is a tunnel on the famous toy train railway track from Kalka to Shimla.
The tunnel is said to have a ghost of late British officer who failed to construct the same. If one
enters the tunnel, the mixture of pitch black darkness and cold chilled wind will make them regret
the decision pretty fast. The tunnel is said to have been haunted with many howling voices and sounds. People sometimes even lose their sense of direction and suffer delirium while crossing the
If you are visiting Shimla and are a fan of haunted places we would insist you to make some time for
these chilling and eerie places in Shimla, maybe you will get to experience something even more
than what you hoped for.