Hidden gems in Himachal

Himachal is a beautiful state there is bound to have many lesser explored or entirely unexplored areas or beautiful places. These places are equally, if not more serene and breathtaking as some of the famous tourist places in Himachal plus because they are not much popular they provide peace and solitude that can only come from an offbeat work of nature’s art. If you are feeling reluctant to visit or to repeat same old tourist destinations than this article is for you, however, to list all of these places in a single article is not plausible as there are more of these than we can count in Himachal, therefore we have only listed some of our personal preference here…

Bir Billing
Bir billing is not what you can call lesser known tourist place, but it is definitely a underrated beauty.
Most people know bir billing because of the lot of paragliding activity that it host every year, bilut that is not all to it. Bir billing is the home to many beautiful monasteries and stupas. High elevated area showcase the serene valleys and magnificent landscape view. Also nearby there are available rest in places, hence, you can plan more than one day plan to visit this place. In 2015, paragliding world cup was held in bir billing.

Pabbar valley
Pabber valley is on the both sides of Pabber river. Rohru, chanshal pass and shelapani are some of the places that you can visit in pabber valley. There are many high elevated places that presents incredible view in this valley, but chanshal pass is definitely one of it’s kind even among high elevated regions. Chanshal pass is at more than 4000mts elevation. The place itself is the beauty to behold, but it also have one of the most beautiful panoramic view in all over Himachal. To visit this valley, it is best that you chose time around late summer and early autumn season.
While you travel from Kalka to Shimla Barog can become a intresting choice for a stopover. Barog is in Solan district and is on Shimla Kalka highway. The place is full of oak , pine and other regional trees that gives ot a scinic view. There is a small helmet which increases it’s beauty ten folds. Famous churdhar mountain gets an amazing portrayal view from Barog. Barog won’t take much of your time, it can serve as a quick stopover to refresh and rejuvenate your soul.

Now let’s go deeper in Himachal. Chitkul resides in Kinnaur district of Himachal. There is also a small village named Chitkul in the area. The place is surrounded by high altitude mountains. Chitkul is the last village at the edge of Indian territory. After Chitkul, Tibtan territory starts. It gives a feel like you are at the edge of a world and at the the begining of other. The area is full of orchards of different fruits and fields with different vegitation.Baspa is the river that flows in the region also adding to it’s scenic beauty.
Rest assured, the place have many incredible sites to discover and explore.

In the midst of high elevated mountains Rakcham is a place close to heaven on earth. The town is close to chitkul valley. Rakcham has many beautiful components to it, which includes incredible landscapes, forests and river baspa. This is a town which have both hindu and bhudhist residents. There are many magnificent Bhudhist and Hindu temples in the area. One another thing Rakcham has, is rich wildlife. Many rare species of animals like Goral, Blue sheep, Himalyan black bear, Musk Deer etc. Most of the parts of this  area are completely unexplored by travellers. This is a sad thing because Rakcham is a traveller’s heaven.

Jalori jot
When it comes to Jalori jot, there are very, few places that can compete with it in respect to trekking trails and treks. One of the most exciting and fun trek in Jalori jot is Sareyol lake trek which is around 4 kms in length. There is also Jalori jot temple here which is good resting point to have some calmness and rejuvenation. If you are looking for a place far from crowd and noise with enchanting and alluring nature, Jalori jot is a place to go for. The treks here are not that challenging, but do require a certain physical health bar. So pack your bags for a adventure and fun place that is untouched by the large masses to this date.

Malana is a really interesting place, not just because of it’s serene surroundings, but also for it’s root and administration system. The habitants of Malana village believed to be the descendants of Alexander the Great. People here are closely resembled to the ancient Greek populous. Also the laws here are in tune with Greek administration. The village is mostly untouched by the outsiders and travellers. The valley around is a mix of wonder, tranquility and beauty. The giant moutainious range includes some of the biggest mountains in Himalyan region. Visiting Malana is not for everyone, however, if you want to peak inside the vastly different lifestyle in an remote and unexplored location, Malana will give you that rare opportunity.

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