Highest Mountain Peaks in Kinnaur

Kinnaur has the highest mountains in the Himachal state as Himalayan range pass through it. These
mountains are the source of adventure, thrill and joy for travellers in Kinnaur. The ample amount of
snow over the peaks of these high mountains presents a sight like none other. The elevations of
these mountains are well above 4000 meters range. These are the giants of Himachal and Himalayas

Reo Purgyil

Reo Purgyil or Leo Pargil is located in the Zanskar range of Himalyas. It is in Kinnaur district of
Himachal Pradesh. The mountain is one of the highest mountains in the Himalayas and is the highest
peak in Himachal state. The mountain is on the Tibetan border and on both sides due to its high
altitude the great Himalayan range is visible for miles and miles. With the staggering height of 6816
meters, the mountain stays covered in thick snow throughout the year. The mountain also has a
twin peak and the two are 2 kilometres apart from each other. The twin peak is also 6,719 meters in
height above sea level. Both peaks look magnificent next to each other with their incredible height
and astonishing landscape around.


Ninjeri is another highly elevated mountain in Himachal Pradesh. The mountain is at the border of
China and India in the district Kinnaur. The peak lies in the Hangrang line of peaks. The mountain is
6,646 meters in height which is 21,804 fts. The prominence of Ninjeri Mountain is 519 meters. Due
to its high elevation the peak of the mountain mostly stays hidden behind the clouds. The weather
conditions here fluctuate easily in a short duration of time.


Manirang is one of highest mountains in Himachal Pradesh and Kinnaur. The elevation of Manirang
is 6,593 meters approximately at its highest point with the prominence of 1,727 meters. There is also
Manirang pass close to the mountain which offers spectacular view of the region. The mountain is at
the border of Kinnaur and Lahaul and Spiti. The mountain is also an old trade route.

Granite peak

Granite peak is a beautiful mountain in the Himalayas. The peak is in Kinnaur region of Himachal
Pradesh. The estimate height of Granite peak is about 6,585 meters. The mountain has a steep uphill
landscape and in the lower region there is a base camp spot. Many hikers and trekking enthusiastic
people come here to feel the thrill and adventure of trekking and hiking. There is a famous village
named Chango near this mountain which hosts all the travellers of Hangrang valley.

Rangrik rang

Rangrik rang mountain is in Morang region of Kinnaur district (Himachal Pradesh). The elevation of
this peak is around 6,553 meters above sea level. This mountain also comes in the category of small
prominence mountains with the prominence of 535 meters. The peak stays shrouded in thick snow
throughout the year as a consequence of its high elevation. The peak has been named after the Rangrik Tugma temple below the peak. The villages around have Tibetan style architecture. The whole valley is filled with breath taking sites and view.


Jorkanden is 6,473 meters in height and is the highest mountain peak in Kinner Kailash range. The
peak is next to another famous peak known as Kinner Kailash peak which is around 6,000 meters in
elevation. The two peaks are slightly different in their appearance as Kinner Kailash has a more
pointed top. The region is famous among hikers and also for the camping and other outdoor
activities; however these mountains are dangerous business and should not be taken lightly. Proper
gear, clothes and adequate experience is a must for such ventures in these regions.