Himalayan queen toy train kalka to Shimla

Himalayan queen toy train kalka to ShimlaShimla has a prominent and most famous mode of transportation known as toy train track from kalka to shimla. Total no of 5 different small passenger trains are scheduled on this track. One of them is Himalayan queen toy train from kalka to Shimla. The train is equipped with basic passenger compartments with first class include in front section. The main attraction s will always be the track itself rather than train but still it provides satisfactory environment for passengers.

The train is scheduled to run on each and every day of week. The timings may very but official time of departure from Kalka is 12:10 pm and its arrival time is around 5:20 pm at Shimla taking a 5 to 6 hours interval between two stations. The track is much longer than than typical roadway route as it explores the outskirts mountains and valleys for the better part of journey. One can’t be helped but mesmerised during this incredible journey through serene beauty of lush green valleys and pinewood jungles. Bookings are mostly preferred in advance as it can be hectic to have a ticket during tourists season specifically during snowfall time. One can book tickets over official IRCTC site which deals and controls all toy train bookings.