Kalka Shimla Rail motor

Kalka Shimla Rail Motor Car

Rail motor car Kalka to Shimla

Rail motor is one of the famous toy trains in Shimla. Locally here its known as mini bus train. Rail motor is like a old small bus which had just 14 seats and its roof made of transparent glass sheet. Rail Motor run on the kalka Shimla track. You can see the beautiful landscape view from outside of window towards the Shimla. The roof and fount mirror is made up of transparent fabric glass which is good for outside view.

Rail motor History

As we know Kalka to Shimla track built in 1903 by Britishers . Rail motor introduced in 1927 by the British government and till now it’s serving for all.

How to book the rail motor

To book the rail motor you have to visit on IRCTC website or you can directly book it from Kalka railway station counter.

Rail motor Kalka to Shimla fare and timing

Kalka to Shimla rail motor fare near about 300 rupees per person and its starts from Kalka in morning 5:10 Am and reach Shimla railway station 9:50 Am. Rail motor take 4 hours to reach Shimla station. Shimla to kalka rail motor starts in evening 4:25 Pm and reach Kalka 9:00 pm.

Kalka to Shimla Rail motor number

72451 is the number of Kalka to Shimla Rail motor bus and 72452 number for Shimla to Kalka rail motor number.