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Kinnaur is one of the district of Himachal Pradesh. Actually one of the most beautiful ones. The district is comprised of high mountains, infact highest mountains of Himachal are in Kinnaur. The Kinnaur district is mainly devided into three administrative areas Pooh, Kalpa and Nichar. Due to high barren lands Kinnaur is second least populated district in himachal. Administrative headquarters of kinnaur is in Recong peo.

Location and geography:
Kinnaur is in the eastren part of Himachal about 235 km from state capital Shimla. Most of the district is nothing but high mountain ranges and deep valleys. The significant rivers of Kinnaur includes Baspa, spiti and Sutluj. The highest Mountain in Himachal Reo pargyul peak is in Kinnaur. Some of the parts of Kinnaur also have thick pine forests and Woods. The climate of kinnaur is temprate with long winters and short summer sessions. Also kinnaur district is considered to have cleanest air quality in India.

Highlights of the district:
1 Baspa valley
2 Sangla valley
3 Pooh
4 Kalpa

Adventure activities and tourist attractions:
Kalpa, Recongpio, Sarahan, Nako, Ribba, all these destinations are serene valleys and landscapes with a hint of cultural texture embeded to them.
Kinnaur is also famous for adventure activities ranging from trekking and offroading to mountain climbing and camping. Kinnaur has total of 9 trekking routes an countless mountain sites for climbing and snowboarding during winter times, more than that there are streams and rivers for river rafting and other water sports in the region.

Kinnaur district has only road link connectivity as there are no rail tracks or airport establishment there yet.
National highway 05 is the roadway route for Kinnaur from state capital Shimla.

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