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Leh ladakh

Ladakh is a mainly Tibetan people inhabited land mass starching over the northern end of the Himalayas ladakh is the fastest accessible place in northern India. These valleys have greyish with cream-colored textures all over the place. The thinnest and most clear air you can find in India waves in the ladakh region. The valley presents a high-definition view of clear skies and land masses. Peace is enriched in the soul of the valley which it will share with you and your mind. The place also offers a unique calmness that will keep soothing your being for days even after you left the place. But to venture place like this you need to plan your trip beforehand and have to be prepared for every possible unwanted situation because when nature is at its best it showcase not only its beauty and serenity but also how harsh and raspy it can be. Basically, there are two options to choose from to reach Ladhak airway or by road. By road you have two main links connecting to ladakh.

Manali leh highway

By Road

This rout elongates up to 490 km from Manali to leh approximately taking a day or nearly 14 hours. From Chandigarh to Manali bypass link road will be your first destination. After that the road will pass through Rohtang, keylong, baralacha la, Tanglangla, and thus finally reaching leh. This is a high altitude roadway ranging from 4,000 to 5,480 m in elevation.

Other alternative roads all serve as outer extended branches ultimately merging into manali leh highway at different points. Also there’s a kargil route by zojila pass from shrinagar and kashmir.

By Air

There’s only one airport in ladakh, Kushok Bakula Rinpoche Airport at Leh. The airport serves to frequent flights from Delhi and a weekly flight from Jammu and Srinagar.

Some important information you should know before coming

When to come

Ladakh is one of those places in India which are not available throughout the year for venturing. Most suitable time will be core summer months as during winter roads will be closed and monsoon is no good either because of frequent landslides on link roads. Although few travellers dare to reach ladakh during winter earn a majestic and alluring view of snow spread mountains.

Mode of transportation

Obviously, an offroading vehicle with 4 by 4 low and high features will be your best option but other suvs can also be used if you are choosing April to May, a mid-summer time for your tour. Make sure your vehicle is in best working condition and has not more than 10 years of riding phase due to permit issues. Also if you are opting to drive yourself, you should have some prior experience of these type of roads with some extra mechanical knowledge of your vehicle in case of any emergency.

Personal fitness

These high-altitude places have low oxygen content in their atmosphere and also any medical aid will be miles apart from you hence people with asthma or any serious physical condition are advised to avoid these kinds of trips mainly due to lack of any medical aid in these regions.

Points of Interest in Ladakh

The Razi khar: This is a palace situated about 180 km from Leh on highway kargil to leh. Constructed by ruler Thatha Khan the scenery from the palace is breath taking especially on full moon. The palace itself is little wreaked and damaged in the tides of time yet has the capability to take you to that ancient era to which it belongs.

Leh palace: Belonging to a royal family of ladakh this palace is really big in comparison to its couter parts with a total no. of eight stories.

Chamba Temple: This temple is not easy to found and you have to enquire locality to reach the same. This temple has its own significance in Buddhist culture as it represents a shrine with symbol of Matriya the upcoming buddha.

Jama masjid: At the top of main bajar in leh you will find this masjid. This is another old structure in ladakh.

Thikse monastery: this monastery is also one of oldest and tourists’ main attractions, also portraying a large structure of Matriya. This statue is almost 15 m in height.

Other main outdoor destinations in ladakh

Zaskar river camping

Zaskar and indus river confluence. The doda River to zaskar river confluence.

Trekking in ladakh

Zaskar ranges, karakoram, and Greater Himalayas are some of the most famous ranges and mountains for trekking expeditions. Ladakh provide different options for all professional and unprofessional but passionate travellers.

Equipment and accessories

Even if you are not up for many out door activities ladakh is a place which will test your might anyway so it’s better to be ready with all necessary clothing and gears. With basic camping and tracking knowledge you should be equipped with fire generating mechanisms like lighter etc. Trekking gloves and ear protection clothing in winter sessions. Clothing should be light but warm. Also flash lights and torches may come handy. Don’t rely on your phone as at those elevations you are likely to lose connection and battery. If you are riding a bike, all basic bike gears are to be decked. Protect your face and chest from cool piercing breeze. Other than that a long rope extra supply for fuel in gallons and first aid should be included in your possessions.

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