October | November month weather in Manali

Weateher in Manali

October November month weather in Manali.

Manali is a place for vacation and touring as it offers adventure plus religious outing to travellers and tourists but one of main reasons is snow oriented activities mainly in winter time. Even though Manali remains open throughout winter (other than a few days during heavy snowfall) some tourists prefer early winter months to avoid much snow and cold. 

October month weather in Manali

, though the possibility of snowfall will be quite low you can always find snow in higher altitudes. Roads and other passes will be open during the time. The weather will be definitely chilly but obviously far lesser than core winter months. Also all the hotels will be open for check in as the crowd will be lesser than November or December months. Cold breeze will welcome you so warm clothes are advised. October is the beginning of winter and the best time to visit Manali is between October to December, so many tourists will choose this time. Even though snowfall is unlikely, the possibility is not out of the window. Hazes or small snowfall can occur during this month. Temperature will remain between 10 to 15 degree Celsius. After this the temperature will gradually decline so people who don’t like much cold should choose this month to travel to Manali.  

November month weather in Manali

During November month temperature will be lower but still snowfall is unlikely. The wind will be colder with no humidity this will be the beginning of the core winter period and further will lead to snowfall during December and January.  November is also one chief tourist attracting month so the number of tourists will increase during the month. Temperature may vary but mostly will remain between 8 to 14 degree Celsius during day and around 5 degree at night. Actually the weather will be nice and pleasant like October so you can enjoy the time with family and friends. Also for adventures activities this time is preferable as higher elevations during tracking can be achieved unlike after snowfall. Higher elevated mountains will be out of reach after snowfall as all the tracks will be closed. Other than that you can enjoy snowmobile and skiing in some selected spots where snow is available hence overall it’s a full fun packed time for enjoyment in scenic beauty and chilly atmosphere.

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