Reo Purgyil Expedition

The mountain has many names like Leo Pargil or Leo Pargial but is widely known as Reo Purgyil. The
behemoth stands at the staggering height of 6,816 meters with the prominence of 1,978 meters.
This is the highest mountain peak in Himachal Pradesh a northern state of India. The mountain is
located in Kinnaur district of the state. The mountain has a twin peak to its south which is slightly
shorter in height. The height of the twin peak is around 6,791 meters. Both of these peaks present a
magnificent view. The main structure is dome shaped at the peak. The terrain is steep on some sides
with a small slope gradient at the lower level of mountain. The peaks are usually surrounded by
clouds and the weather is shifty at best. Snowfall can occur without warning on the higher levels of
the mountain. The top of the peaks are always covered in snow. There are some rare cases of
avalanches over the steep slopes on the sides of mountain.
The mountains of this elevation have a mystical allure to them, which attracts people from far away.
The harsh weather conditions and difficult terrain presents challenge and fear at the same time. A
sense of wonder and respect emerges from deep within of every admirer and thus a weird longing to
accent, explore and conquer takeover the mind.
The mountain was first officially climbed by Indo Tibetan Border Police personals in 1971, since then
there have been other ascents by other climbers and groups from time to time. The mountain gives
a thrill and rush to climbers and hikers, even if one is trekking over the lower trails of the structure.
The world is beneath you and you feel everything is small yet beautiful with a unique aesthetic
appeal to it; however, these aren’t the heights you would like to stay over for long. Lack of oxygen
over 4,500 meters with cold sharp wind will break your breath pattern. Even a few feet walk will be
really hard and tiring, your legs will keep losing strength and you will get exhausted. On the higher
levels of mountain it’s like a different world, like you have been transported to a different planet
altogether. Just by being there one can feel an unmatched realm of amaze and awe, but not only
that one will also feel a deep distinct horror of incredible power and danger that these kind of
mountains posses.
Reo pargil is one of the few great mountains in Himalayan region with a high elevation of above
6,000 meters. Mountains like Shilla (which is closer to Reo pargil), Anapurna , Tibba, Makalu, Nanda
Devi etc. are all have been favourites of experienced climbers and thrill seekers from a long time
ago. These mountains push the limits of human body and mind, but also transcend the soul to a
different plane.