Snowfall month in Shimla Kullu Manali

Snowfall peak in Shimla Manali

Snowfall month in Shimla kullu Manali are the few interesting places in Himachal . which are accessible during winter mostly between November and march. These are the main places where you can catch snowfall and the beauty of snow spreading all over the hills around you. But the internet is full of wrong info. sites and platforms about snowfall timings and fake bits of news about snowfall especially in Manali. Basically if you visit between April to September you are highly unlikely to see snow in Shimla, There can be snow in Manali but it will be full of dirt and hard as rock therefore no fun at all, right?

Hence if you want to enjoy snowfall or at least snow related fun and games choose the core months of winter to visit. You will find snow on and around main Shimla hill most of which will be allocated on Jakhu top. Around Shimla Kufri can be your nearest and earnest place to enjoy snowfall with all fun activities. Manali has a far more rich content of snow during winter. You can find snow in Solang, Gulaba and Rohtang pass with all snow activities like snowboarding, skiing, snowmobile riding etc.

Snowfall related areas in Shimla Manali


Snowboarding and skiing during December to March .

Rohtang pass

High altitude snowboarding and skiing. Snow can sustain these activities till April here.

Manali town

Manali town has its own local dazzling beauty around snow falling months. Head towards the local market to feel the stench of traditional beauty amplified by falling snowflakes.

Solang valley

Another stop for high altitude now activities like snowboarding and skiing.


In Shimla Kufri is one of the popular places to see the snow in winter time and also snow activity is available.


Fagu is situated in shimla. It will take 15 Minute from Kufri. you will see the panorama view from Faghu.


Narkanda is one of the beautiful places situated in Shimla which is approximately two hours away from the Shimla city. Narkanda is famous for the snow activity. In winter you will find approx 3 to 4 feet of snow on the road side area.

Hamta valley

Hamta Valley is situated in Manali and this very famous place to visit.

(Note: these places can be closed due to heavy snowfall and landslides at any time during winter.)

Precaution needed in winter time or during the snowfall


In winter time clothes should be good. Woollen sweaters, coats, jackets, caps and waterproof shoes are needed.

Driver and cab

In winter time drivers should have good driving skills otherwise it’s more difficult to drive on snow also cab have good tyre grip. During the winter time you can struck anywhere so mostly 4*4 vehicle have more advantage over 2*2 vehicles.

Book your hotel in advance

you have to book your hotel in advance. During the snow fall time a lot of tourists come from north India so there is a lot of rush at that time. Book your hotel nearby the city area or national highway if you are struck by heavy snowfall you will be easily rescued from there.

Basic Problem faced during the winter time in shimla Manali

Temperature and cold weather

In winter time my time temperature goes 0 degree at night due to bad weather conditions.


Electricity is one of the basic problems in winter time. In winter there will be 3 to 4 days of electricity cuts due to bad weather conditions so book that hotel which has the generator facility and not much far away from the main city.

Slippery surface

Due to cold or snowfall mostly all roads become slippery. Avoid infant child or aged people if possible avoid the infant child or aged people to come in winter time. Bad roads, bad weather, road closed, electricity issues these are some basic problems which will come during the time.

Small days and long nights

Winter days are too short in Shimla Manali so make your tour accordingly mostly at 6 pm evening become totally dark.

December to March is the Snowfall month in Shimla kullu Manali during the period you will find fresh snowfall in all given places.

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