Helicopter service for Rohtang pass

Himachal tourism offers helicopter services from Manali to Rohtang pass. The helicopter service starts from Vashisht which is 2 km from the main city Manali. Manali to Rohtang pass helicopter will take only 10 minutes approximately to cover. Rohtang pass is the highest pass in Kullu reaching upto the staggering height of 3,978 metres. There are basically two helipads near Rohtang pass, one of them is near Marhi and second one is in Rohtang pass. Helicopter service for Rohtang pass starts every day from Manali and for booking you have to visit Rohtang pass permit site.

From Manali to Rohtang pass cab will take close to more then one hour and the distance from Manali to Rohtang pass is 58 km. In season time the tourists rush can prove to be a hectic issue also due to traffic at the time Manali to Rohtang can take 5 hours approximately, that’s one of main reason Himachal tourism department took this on themselves to start a helicopter facility. These helicopter services can get more fluent and rapid depending upon density of visitors. In recent days there are lots of landsliding occurrence in the area also many tourists get stuck time to time due to bad weather conditions. More than all this this trip provides a breathtaking view of Rohtang valley which deserves your eyes and attention at least once in a life time.