Himachal Animal list

Snow leopards

The member of the large cat family is one of the prime attractions for wild life lovers in Himalayas, snow leopards known for its magnificent appetence. It is gifted with whitish dotted fur this listed among the endangered animals that’s why it s is one of the rarest to be sighted.

Himalayan panther

Gifted with dark black fur and green eyes this one is also species of large cat. Unfortunately this beautiful animal is most endangered and rarest large cat in present day and you are really blessed id you are able to have a sight of this creature in Himalayas

Giant Panda

This is one is teddy bear like animal but as furious as any wild animal. It can be found on various other parts of continent of Asia. With a body typically of a bear it has black fur with white patches on neck and back with woolly skin help they stay warm even in the coolest atmosphere.

Himalayan Wild yak

It a type of ox with relatively long hair and a large built it can be six feet taller at shoulder. Himalayan wild yak is considered as one most full animal as it provide milk meet fiber to the local.

Himalayan Thar (wild goat)

This species can be founded in wooded hills and mountains slopes it’s a mainly goat like animal. Mainly having three under species Arabian thar and nil giri thar.  All the these species consume vegetation like grass herbs and shrubs.

Musk dear

The name musk refers to a deer with magnificent fragrance coming out from its belly wildly use for the manufacture the perfume. This dear lives in hilly and forested environment. This one is difficult to track as like to stay far from human habitation.

Red Panda

This one the creative combination cat and panda it is smaller in size also known as red fox can be found in eastern Himalayas it lives in tempered climate in the middle of coniferous forests . They can eat many thing bur their favourite fruits roots and acorns.

Himalayan Black Bear

Also known as Indian black bear. It is divided into two categories Himalayan brown bear and Himalayan black bear. Black bear are violent in nature and one of the most deadly animals in India like humans they are omnivorous.


Commonly known species of large cat. It has white and yellowish fur with dark black spots . it can be found in lower regions of Himalayas they live in moderate climate basically eat large birds and domestic animals.

Himalayan marmot

This is a social animal and lives in colonies of different sizes.  Mainly found in Himalayan region of India. These mammals can leave in highest elevation. They are similar to house cat in size and they prefer eat to flowering plant and roots.