TOURISM in Himachal

We human have this tendency for change for difference, truth be told we can’t live a plain constant life no matter how we say otherwise. In the bottom core of our hearts we all want twists and turns in our roadway of journey we call life. These twists can come in many terms but travelling is the most prominent of them. We can’t stick to a place; locality or surrounding for long our mind demands some refreshment in a while, its unavoidable more like its human nature. Travelling is a necessity in life just like love friendship and enjoyment. Yet in India it took a long time to actually practice Travelling on a large scale. We usually say westernisation had a great impact in last decade of Himachal history over lifestyle and persona of Indians but we fail to see that even concept of travelling is not of our own. Now you have to admit that western culture has a significant nerve for travelling and expedition and we are just getting hold of it now. Expeditions to small towns and outskirt lands are especially in trending these days. Offloading and wild ventures made a shift in suv and offloading vehicles sales. Not only that the tourism industry and small sized travelling agencies are booming at an incredible rate giving lot of opportunities to small town self employment businesses. Further new uncharted places are coming into highlights slowly but surely hence making a pathway between these and urban lands. States and nation generates tons of revenue on tourism alone. Travelling is giving employment, direct money and serene joy to different communities. But even then I will say this is just the beginning of an era for travelling in Himachal sub continent. As the time pass this will only gonna upscale from here on, let’s see how far wide deep tourism can bore a hole in heart of Himachal to sustain itself once and for all.